Wow! The Scarborough film fest job has been crazy! It’s been a busy few weeks.

Anyway, here’s a bit I wrote about working on my bike a while back:

I was fortunate to be a student at U of T right when Bikechain was opening. It is a DIY bike repair shop at the university. The mechanics and volunteers there help you repair and maintain your bike yourself. I volunteered here for a couple of years while I was still a student.

Ron Richardson’s gift of the Raleigh Sports did a lot to spark my current enthusiasm for bicycling. But I also owe a lot to Bikechain. This is the place that got me interested in working on my bike, not just riding it. This is where I really learned all of the ins and outs of a bicycle. As I write this, I realize it is not all that dissimilar to the experience of building a model airplane that I described in a previous post. As you spend an extended amount of time handling the individual parts of a thing, your imagination gets to explore it from the inside out. Your relationship to the thing changes.

Although I now do most of my bicycle maintenance at home, I still go to Bikechain once in a while for bigger projects. And I consider myself lucky to live in a city with multiple other options for DIY bike maintenance like Bike Sauce and Bike Pirates.