Bike Links

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my Raleigh Sports and Bikechain were instrumental in shaping my appreciation for biking and bike commuting. But there are a number of websites that also influenced my particular tastes.

Sheldon Brown – The late great master of online bicycle information. He had a wealth of knowledge about bicycles, and generously shared it with the world. He was an early citizen of the web, and put his knowledge and point of view online long before most people did that sort of thing. One of his own custom bike builds was the inspiration for my first build.

Eco Velo – This blog is no longer updated, but the owners were kind enough to keep it live, at least for now. Sadly, this site seems to be down, probably for good. They covered beautiful bicycle commuting gear and technology, and have been a huge influence on my own personal tastes. They introduced me to things like belt drives – something that I have not personally used, but I’ve wanted to try out.

Rivendell Bicycles – Although I am not quite as enamored with lugs as I once was, I still appreciate the beauty of a quality lugged steel frame. This company sells several lovely examples of this style bicycle, along with equally lovely components and accessories. Several of my component choices for my first build were influenced by this site’s philosophy.

Off the Beaten Path – I had encountered this website once in a while in the past. But I only recently started reading it regularly it as I considered choices for an upcoming bike build I am imagining. They do some pretty thorough testing of different types of bicycle equipment.

Biking Toronto and Dandyhorse – these are my go-to sites for local Toronto biking news.

Lovely Bicycle – A well-written and interesting personal blog that covers a wide variety of bicycle topics.